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Insurance Buyer's Plan Purchasing Inquiry

1. How do I get the coverage plan for my shipment?

At the user’s option, a user may arrange for and pay for the plan, if the user ticks on both “I have read this notice…” and “Yes, get me fully covered” buttons in the Buyer's Protection Plan tab when making a shipment order. This would override the initial coverage plan offered by the courier the user chose.

2. How will I know that my coverage has been approved by SkyCover?

In your EasyParcel account dashboard, enter either the "All Parcels" > "Parcel Status" or "Statement" tab. After that, you will be able to see the status of your shipment’s coverage (It usually takes 5 minutes maximum for a draft to be processed).

3. What do these statuses mean?

a) Draft- This status means the coverage is not activated yet. The shipper has submitted the request but is pending for processing by SkyCover underwriting team.

b) Approved - This status means the coverage has been activated. The cover note appears for downloading.  SkyCover charged towards the shipper’s EasyParcel account.

c) Refer - This status means the coverage is not activated. SkyCover's underwriting team have requested additional documents & information from shipper; pending replies from them.

Additional information needed:

i) Invoice for the value of goods

ii) Goods photo (before and after packing) - especially fragile item (eg: musical instruments, television)

Action: SkyCover will be in contact with you to retrieve required data/information.

d) Reject - This status means the coverage has been rejected by XpressCover/SkyCover/ SureCover/ NationCover's underwriting team. No coverage is given for the declared shipment.

4. Do I need to prepare any kind of document, just in case for the coverage claims?

It’s simple actually. You need an invoice for the covered goods (or anything similar to prove your item's actual value), along with photographs of the item/s (before and after packing).

5. Why does my coverage plan mentioned that it is being covered by another company?

No fear. All these companies are affiliated with SkyCover, meaning you are still covered under the coverage plan by the individual courier company.

6. When does the plan begin to cover my shipment?

Coverage begins when the air waybill is issued and the shipment has been tendered to a courier and continues until the shipment has been delivered to the final destination point named in the air waybill, or when the consignee or consignee’s agent has taken possession.

7. How long is the coverage plan on my shipment for Basic Insurance Coverage?

For compensation claims, all damaged parcels have to be reported within the time frame specified by each courier companies:

  • SkyNet - Within 2 working days

Customers are responsible for any additional costs that is not covered by the basic insurance coverage for their lost or damaged parcel.

8. My shipment was just delayed! Do I get coverage extension?

If the courier that you selected delayed your shipment, the coverage would be extended in accordance to how long the delay was.

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