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Cash on Delivery (COD)

1. When am I able to request for my COD amount to be withdrawn into my bank account?

You can request a withdrawal according to your courier’s settlement timeline. Check the status of your parcel(s) in the ‘COD Settlement’ page. If it is shown as ‘To Release’, you are able to request by clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ button at the top of the page.

However, only verified accounts are able to request for a COD withdrawal. Users must make sure the account is verified before making a withdrawal request.

2. What does each status mean under the ‘COD Settlement’ page?

Status indicates the stages that your COD order is under. Understand what each important status means by referring to this table:

PendingCOD settlement enters this status when:
1. After you’ve purchased a COD shipment.
2. The COD parcel is still in transit.
3. COD settlement from your chosen courier to EasyParcel is still pending.
*Note: You are unable to request a withdrawal for any COD amount until your chosen courier completes processing the payment to EasyParcel.
To ReleaseCOD settlement enters this status when:
1. The settlement has been completed by your chosen courier.
2. The COD amount is available for withdrawal request, and the amount available for release will be shown on the ‘COD Settlement’ page as indicated here:
*Note: Kindly make sure that your bank account details as provided in the ‘Bank Information’ tab has been filled accurately.
ReleasingCOD settlement enters this status when:
1. After you request a withdrawal.
2. The EasyParcel team is working to release your COD amount into your bank account within 3-4 working days.

*Note: If you have not received payment after more than 5 working days, contact our customer service to check on your settlement status. 
ReleasedCOD settlement enters this status when:
1. EasyParcel has completed the settlement and the Payout amount has been released into your bank account.
2. You’re able to download the COD Payout Statement/COD Invoice. Retrieve your statement/invoice here: 

CancelledCOD settlement enters this status when:
1. The shipment has been cancelled or returned to the sender. 

3. What do I need to verify my account?

Once you scan the QR code on the 'COD Settlement' page, you will be prompted to log in to your EasyParcel account. Then, you are required to take a photo of your NRIC/Passport (front and back), and ensure that your details are accurate before submitting for account verification.

*Note: All information submitted will be kept secure and confidential. 

4. When will my COD amount be released into my bank account after requesting a withdrawal?

The EasyParcel team will be working to release your COD amount into the bank account provided in the ‘Bank Information’ tab of your ‘Profile‘ page within 3-4 working days after request. Users must keep the bank information updated so that we can release it into the correct bank account. 

5. How does COD charges work?

COD charges will be based on the fix rate or percentage fee set by the courier, and will be deducted directly from the COD amount set by you. For example, if you book Pgeon Prime to ship your parcel at the COD amount of RM100:-

Pgeon Prime COD charges of RM6 or 3.8%, whichever is higher:

RM100 x 3.8% = RM3.80

As RM6 is the higher COD charges, this amount will be deducted directly from RM100 when you request to withdraw your COD amount from the ‘COD Settlement‘ page.

6. What happens when the receiver is not home / unable to pay cash to the courier upon delivery?

In such an event, the receiver may request for a re-attempt delivery for another day to your chosen COD courier. For more information, please contact our customer service team who'll be able to assist you further.

7. Are card payments, e-wallet payments, QR payments, and online banking accepted as an alternative to make payment for the parcel(s) should the receiver fail to pay in cash?

Unfortunately, no. All transactions from the receiver to the courier shall be made in cash payment only.

8. Can I change my COD amount after placing an order?

Changes to COD amount cannot be made once an order is placed. We recommend that you cancel your order and place a new one with the new amount.

9. Where can I get the Payout Statement/COD Invoice?

You can download the COD invoice via the ‘COD Settlement‘ page. A section dedicated to COD invoice is located on the far right section of the page – click on your parcel’s invoice to view your statement.

*Note: Payout statement shows the total COD amount that has been released into your bank account. The amount released at once may include several COD shipments.

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