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What is the difference between Individual API and Marketplace API?

EasyParcel Individual API and Marketplace API 

Individual API (i)

Individual API (ii)
Marketplace API 
  • Mainly for individual website with only one owner
  • Able to support Marketplace flow as well.
  • For marketplaces with multiple sellers in it
  • One seller with hardcoded e-commerce website
  •  All the shipping fees bear/ control by the main account holder. (E.g Marketplace platform)

  • Multiple EasyParcel accounts sharing the same API

  • Owner of a website / sole owner

  • Multiple sellers no need to sign up EasyParcel account.

  • Multiple sellers need to have sign up EasyParcel account.

  • Owner needs to go EasyParcel website top-up.

  • Owner needs to go EasyParcel website top-up. 
  • All the shipping fees will bear by merchants.

  • Shipping fee control by merchants. ( Follow the top-up package)

  • Merchant needs to go EasyParcel website top-up.

Common Problems You May Face With  Our API

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