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How can I implement quality check after packaging done?

Assess overall packaging

To ensure your packaging can withstand the pressure during the delivery journey, you need to assess the overall packaging's performance first. The general rule of thumb is that the parcel must be well packed, fully sealed (edges to edges), hold firm and still when being picked up, and the item inside must not rattle or make a sound when being picked up. To take a step even further, you can also spray water on your parcel to see if the water can get through your packaging and reach your item. This is because our dedicated courier partners will deliver your parcels under whatever weather conditions may be. 

If you see that your packaging is not up to par, you may want to check out our guide on how to pack your parcels properly so you can make some fixes to your packaging.

Easy to read consignment note

Make sure your consignment note - Air Waybill is placed on your parcel where it is easy for the couriers to read it and sort it correctly. If you are using a paper type of Air Waybill, it is better for you to stick a transparent pouch and insert the Air Waybill paper in it. This is to prevent it from tearing apart in the event that the parcel is delivered in the rain.

Perform drop testing

Lastly, it's time for you to perform drop testing on your parcel. This is an important step as parcels in transit can face various pressures, conditions, man-faulty handling, etc. If your parcels can pass this testing, then they have a better chance to reach your receiver in perfect condition as compared to when you didn't do any testing prior to delivery.

If your parcels are not passing this test, you want to check what materials you need to prepare for great packaging, as it will give you ideas on how to get better materials quality. 

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