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How can I maximise protection to my parcels?

Quality materials to use

You can maximize the protection of your parcels by adding more quality materials to your packaging. You may check out the materials you need to prepare before packing. Once you have all the materials, you may add a few layers to cushion your items, especially if they are extremely fragile. 

Here are the materials you need to maximize the protection of your parcel:

Tips to pack to maximise protection

  1. Wrap your item with 2-3 layers of bubble wrap to give it full protection, ensure it is nice and tight.
  2. For extra-fragile or multiple items, you may use two types of packaging and combining it to achieve full protection.
  3. For irregularly shaped items, you may choose to put foam at each corners.
  4. For items such as long mirrors and such, you may use wood blocks at each edge.
  5. Add "Fragile Sticker", "Fragile Tape" or "This Way Up" stickers after you've done packing to let couriers know to handle your parcels carefully.

You may get all the materials needed from our EasyParcel Shop.

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