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Reward Points

  • What is EasyParcel Reward Points?

    We'll Cover: What is EasyParcel Reward Points? How EasyParcel Reward works? FAQ What is EasyParcel Reward Points? Let your top up with EasyParcel give you more than just big savings on shipping fee, and also bigger reward...

  • How do I earn EasyParcel Reward points?

    How do I earn EasyReward points? You’re automatically included for EasyReward programme so long as you have made a top up from 3rd March 2020 onwards. How to check my EasyParcel Reward Points balance?

  • How much is an EasyParcel Reward Points worth?

    With every RM1 top up, it will bring you 1 point.   Make the amount top up of your choice and you will be given the same amount of points.  For example, if you make a new top up of RM1000, then you'll be given 1000 points. Once y...

  • Can I convert EasyParcel Reward Points to money?

    No, unfortunately all earned EasyParcel Reward Points are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash/credit in any kind.

  • How to use EasyParcel Reward Points to redeem?

    Users are able to use their EasyParcel Reward Points to redeem exciting rewards such as Nintendo Switch, thermal label printers, free EasyParcel credits,free delivery shipments, packaging materials, and so much more! The best part to th...

  • How long does EasyParcel Reward Points last?

    EasyParcel Reward Points will last for 1 year. No worries, as you can extend your EasyParcel Reward Points expiry by just making a new top up before the expiry date and you can bring forward both remaining credit and earned points to an...