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What is Tracking Email on EasyParcel?

What is Tracking Email?

Tracking Email is an automated tool to inform your receivers of the tracking number for each parcel you booked and created at EasyParcel. But at EasyParcel, we provide an even more amazing experience for you and your receivers. You don't need to send a generic and boring email to inform them about their tracking numbers; instead, you can customize the email with your own image, theme and brand logo according to your brand voice to give them a more personalized experience.

Why is Tracking Email important?

About 87% of e-commerce and online users will check their parcel's whereabouts via the tracking number once they make a purchase. Without it, there would be no insight into where an item is at any given time. By sending them a Tracking Email, this experience will give your receivers satisfaction and will likely create a stronger trust bond with you.

How to send Tracking Email?

Step 1: Book and send domestic/ international parcel as usual.

Step 2: Fill in the details, then turn on 'Custom Tracking Email' under options to add to your parcel.

Step 3: Add to cart and continue to pay as usual.

How much is Tracking Email?

When offering great satisfaction to your customers/ receivers, no fee is too high. But at EasyParcel, we make it so easy for you by providing this amazing feature from zero cost (promo rate) per Email. You can get this promo from EasyParcel packages here.

You can learn how to customize your Tracking Email to prepare for your next booking.

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