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What is item category and parcel content?

What is Parcel Content?

Parcel content refers to the detailed description of the items within your parcel. It's crucial to specify clearly the content for several reasons: 

Speeding Up Delivery: Accurate descriptions help shipping companies and customs officials process and deliver your parcel more efficiently. 

Avoiding Customs Delays: Clear and precise information reduces the likelihood of your parcel being held up during customs clearance. 

Ensuring Safety: Properly identifying the contents helps prevent any risk of injury, especially if the items are hazardous.

Preventing Additional Costs: Misdeclared or vague descriptions can lead to fines or extra charges, particularly if the items are found on the prohibited list. 

To better understand what items are not allowed for shipping, please review the "Prohibited Item" list.

How to describe the parcel content?

To ensure smooth processing and avoid potential customs delays or additional charges, it’s important to provide a detailed description of your parcel’s contents. Here are some tips on how to describe the items effectively: 

Type of Item: Kindly specify what the item is and be as descriptive as possible. 

Brand: Mention the brand name, if applicable. 

Material: Indicate the material of the item, which can be crucial for customs categorization. 

Log in or sign up for an account to book a courier. After booking a courier, fill in your parcel details in the specifics. For example, instead of simply writing "cap," a more detailed description would be "Nike Cotton Basketball Cap." Enter the correct value of the item and click "Next"

Note: Providing a clear and detailed description helps customs officials accurately classify and process your parcel. Inaccurate or vague descriptions can lead to extended processing times and may incur additional customs charges in some countries. To avoid such issues, always ensure your parcel content descriptions are as precise and comprehensive as possible.

How to choose the item category for my parcel?

Should your item value be higher than the basic coverage offered by the courier partner you've chosen, you may opt for EasyCover protection. This will require you to specify your item category. Here's how:

In the EasyCover drop down, choose the item category that your item falls into.

For examples:

Universal Traveler Hard Case Luggage | Category: Bags & Luggages

Yonex Badminton Racket Set | Category: Sports & Leisure

Russel Taylor 1.8L Pressure Cooker | Category: Home Appliance

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