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How to avoid misdeclared parcel weight?

How can I avoid weight disputes?

EasyParcel is a prepaid delivery basis where booking is made before collection by the courier. If you're sending big items (either side exceeds 30cm), you will need to calculate both volumetric weight and actual weight, and quote whichever is higher on the website.

When the shipment is heavier or larger than originally declared, extra charges at EasyParcel's normal rate for the additional weight will be automatically charged to your EasyParcel account based on the final weight validated by courier company. You will be informed via email if weight discrepancy is reported.

What happens if courier finds out parcels with misdeclared weight?

Delayed shipment

Delays occur when the courier put your parcels on hold in their hub until the extra cost that set out as the cost for the standard delivery of your order has been paid.

Excess surcharge by courier

The courier issues an additional charge to the sender to cover the extra cost incurred on the extra checking procedure, thus you’ll no longer paying for the original lower member/VIP rate.

It’s very simple to keep yourself from being hit with surcharges. Before you book your parcel for delivery, do the following steps:-

Step 1: Measure the actual weight with weighing scale. If you don’t have one, grab one FREE from us with top up starting from EP2000 package for the first time. T&C Apply

Step 2: Calculate the volumetric weight of your parcel using its dimensions (length, width, and height). Just key in the dimensions accordingly into EasyParcel’s volumetric weight calculator and the result in kg will be shown upon.

Step 3: Book your parcel with the weight that whichever higher.

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