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How to update or change my profile details?

Personalize your EasyParcel experience by updating your profile. To update your profile details, you may log in or sign up for free. Once inside, On the sidebar, choose "Account" then select "Profile".


You can change your name, gender, race, birthday, or account type by going to the personal tab. You may also change your preferred language to ease your editing process. See here how to change to your preferred language easily.


You have the option to add in your company information, such as company name, registration number, nature of business, selling channel, SST number and even social media platforms. Company information may change from time to time, but no worries! You can easily update your company information to the latest ones at any time.

Profile Address

Fill up your address information, and then it will be stored inside the address book for you to select during booking. You can learn more what profile address and its function is in EasyParcel.

Debit/Credit Card

Planning for international delivery? Then you shouldn't miss out on this tab to register your debit/credit card. Other than adding a new card, you can also replace to another debit/credit card at any time. Learn how to manage your payment methods to smooth your booking process.

Bank Information

Are you using the cash on delivery (COD) payment feature? Then you can update your bank details here so that EasyParcel can transfer your COD amount after you request a withdrawal. To be able to withdraw the settlement amount, you first need to verify your account for security purposes. Learn what account verification is and how it can help you.


You can change the password to strengthen your account security and the option to choose your dashboard to be displayed in one of the 3 languages: English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. Should you forgotten your password or you want to strengthen your account security by changing the password, you can do by resetting or changing your password.

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