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Why am I unable to remove my credit card from my account?

If you have saved your debit or credit card details on your EasyParcel account, you will be able to remove them after seven months from the last time you used the service to place an order. This policy is in accordance with our terms and conditions, specifically Clause 5.2.

Reasons for the Seven-Month Restriction: 

Security and Fraud Prevention: The seven-month period helps protect against fraudulent activities by ensuring a stable period for transaction verification. 

Billing and Dispute Resolution: It allows sufficient time to address any billing issues or disputes that may arise from recent transactions. For example: Duties and tax charges imposed by customs for international deliveries.

Compliance with Payment Processing Policies: This timeframe aligns with the policies of payment processors and financial institutions, ensuring compliance and smooth operation. 

For further assistance or if you encounter any issues, please contact our support team via the contact form.

Learn More: How to update or change your billing information.

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