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What is EasyParcel Top Up packages?

Simply top up your EasyParcel account with credit and got your shipment booked easily with us. There are more than 10 top up packages ranging from EP20 - EP50,000. Every package comes with different attractive rates and benefits. You may choose based on your preference and delivery needs, view package here

Note: You'll need an account with us first to enjoy the affordable rate as a member. Creating an account is free.

You can top up via online banking, credit/debit card, e-wallet or bank transfer. There are 7 sections in total.

We'll Cover:

  1. Promo Rate & Delivery Promo Rate
  2. WM to EM Extra Discount
  3. Promo Rate Duration
  4. Packaging Materials
  5. Tracking Number Notification
  6. Rewards Points
  7. Support

    Promo Rate

    This refers to the rate you'll be paying for each parcel for selected couriers and deliver within West Malaysia as well as selected cities within East Malaysia, excluding outskirt areas. Different package comes with different promo rates. If you would like to compare the rates, simply click "Compare Rates" button on the right side. Whilst, Delivery Promo Rate refers to the promo rate you got to enjoy for Domestic Delivery, International Delivery as well as On-Demand Delivery.

    WM To EM Extra Discount

    This refers to the additional discount for:

    • parcel delivery from Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia
    • parcel delivery from East Malaysia to Peninsular Malaysia

    Promo Rate Duration

    This refers to the duration you're entitled to enjoy promo rate and extra discount. Different packages comes with different duration. Once the promo duration ended, your account will switch back to member rate/normal rate.

    Bear in mind that your credits is valid for (1) year from your latest top up date. You can activate back your remaining credit by topping up again. Eg, You’ve made a RM2000 top up on Jan 1 that unlock promotion rate for 6 months. If you have remaining credit after June 30, your account will switch back to normal rate. A new top up will activate back all remaining credit to the new VIP rate.

    **Your VIP status will also renew according to your most recent top up package. For eg, you are enjoying EP2000 benefit and you made an RM500 top up, your new VIP status will be EP500.

    Follow the steps below to check your package duration:

    Step 1: Click arrow down icon beside profile picture.

    Step 2: Mouseover the pink label below located right under your profile name.


    Step 1: Click "Dashboard" >"Account" > "Profile"

    Step 2: Mouseover the pink label below located right under your profile name.

    Packaging Materials

    You'll be given out free flyers/pouches from us when you top up a minimum of EP500 or above. Simply request here once top up done.

    Rewards Points

    By topping up, you’ll be able to earn 1 point on every RM1 top up made in EasyParcel from 3rd March 2020 onwards and not to forget redeem yourself some exciting rewards with the earned points.
    Learn more about EasyParcel Rewards Points here.

    Tracking Number Notification

    Your recipient will receive tracking info via SMS, Email or WhatsApp once air waybill is generated. You may enjoy tracking Email for FREE for a certain period of time. Available for EP2000 and above.


    By topping up with us, you will get to enjoy exclusive support from our support agents to assist with any delivery or service enquiries.

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