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Setting up Integration

Step 1: Click “Integrations”.

Step 2: Click “Add New Store”.

Step 3: Choose “EasyStore”.

Step 4: “Fill Up Details” and click “Submit” and your integration is completed.

Remember to copy the “Integration ID”. (Learn where to key in the Integration ID in EasyStore by clicking the button below)

Step 5: Click “Your Stores” and make sure your EasyStore is “Activated”.

Step 6: Log in EasyStore. 

Step 7: Click Apps.

Step 8: Click Browse more apps. 

EasyStore Integration (14)Step 9: Click EasyParcel Malaysia.

EasyStore Integration (15)

Step 10: Click Install this apps.

EasyStore Integration (16)Step 11: Enter your API key(Integration ID) and origin address from which you ship the orders to customer. Click Save.

EasyStore Integration (17)Step 12: Click “Installed apps” and make sure your EasyParcel Malaysia is “Activated”.

EasyStore Integration (18)

How To Fulfill Order from EasyStore

Step 1: Log in EasyStore.

EasyStore Integration (21)Step 2: Click Orders.

EasyStore Integration (22)Step 3: Click on the order that needs to be fulfilled.

EasyStore Integration (23)Step 4: Click “Fulfill” then “EasyParcel Malaysia”.

EasyStore Integration (24)Step 5: Select your preferred pick up date

EasyStore Integration (25)Step 6: Select your preferred and courier service. Click Fulfill.

EasyStore Integration (26)Step 7: Download your Air Waybill (AWB).EasyStore Integration (27)OR

Step 8: Download your Air Waybill(AWB) at Order – History – Message.

EasyStore Integration (28)

How To Integrate EasyParcel Shipping Rate

Step 1: Log in your EasyStore.

EasyStore Integration (31)Step 2: Click “EasyParcel Malaysia Rate Apps.

EasyStore Integration (32)Step 3: Click “Manage”

EasyStore Integration (33)Step 4: Click EasyParcel Malaysia Rate.

EasyStore Integration (34)Step 5: Adjust the Handling Fee & increase the shipping rate by percentage (optional). Insert your origin address from where the orders will be shipped from. Click Save.

EasyStore Integration (35)

How To Fulfill Bulk Order

Step 1: Log in to your EasyStore account.

Step 2: Click “Orders”.

Step 3: Select all paid orders which you want to fulfill at once.

Step 4: Click “More actions” then click “Fulfill with EasyParcel”.

Step 5: Select your preferred pickup date, delivery option together with the courier service provider for each of the orders. Then, click “Confirm”.

Step 6: Click “Fulfill” after confirming all of the details.

Step 7: You’re done with your bulk order fulfillment and you will see the list of tracking numbers updated on the page.

How To Download Bulk Air Waybill (AWB) from EasyStore

Step 1: Click “Orders”.

Step 2: Select multiple orders from the order list.

Step 3: Click “More Actions” then click “Download EasyParcel AWB”.

Step 4: Open the downloaded file, and you will see all the chosen AWBs are in and ready for print.

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