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Setting Up Integration

Step 1: Click "Integration" then "Add New Store".

 Step 2: Click OrderSini".
Step 3: Fill up all the details and click "Submit". Your integration is completed. Remember to copy the "API Key/ Integration ID" as well. (API Key/ Integration ID will be pasted on OrderSini end).
Step 4: Click Your Stores” and make sure your Grabs is activated.

Step 5: Kindly go to Account Setting – Shipment Integration – click on EasyParcel logo.

Step 6: Kindly fill in API key/ Integration ID. API key/ Integration ID may get from Step 5. Every EasyParcel account has its own API key/ Integration ID.

Step 7: Kindly go to Product Setting – Order List and Click on EasyParcel button to fulfill orders.

Step 8: Click “Pay” to get the AWB from ORDERSINI platform directly.

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