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Setting Up Integration

Step 1: Click “Integrations”.

Step 2: Click “Add New Store”.

WooCommerce Integration (2)

Step 3: Choose “WooCommerce”.

WooCommerce Integration (3)

Step 4: Fill Up Details.

WooCommerce Integration (4)

Step 5:  Fill up the details and Download the integration kit and place it to your e-commerce file manager.

  • You can choose either the Plugin Version or Simple Version. >
  • Both the “Simple Version” and  “Plugin Version” will enabled you to automatically import your order straight to EasyParcel when you change your order status to Processing/Processed. 
  • If you use“Plugin Version”, your customer can see the shipping method and the shipping fee directly at the “CheckOut” page.

WooCommerce Integration (5)

Step 6: “Fill Up Details” and click “Submit” and your integration is completed.

WooCommerce Integration (6)

Using Integration Platform

Step 1: Click “Your Stores” and make sure your WooCommerce is “Activated”.

WooCommerce Integration (7)

Step 2: Click “Action” > “Import” to import your orders. 

Your WooCommerce order must be in “Processing” status in your store for the “Import Item(s)” function to work. Orders under processing status will be imported to your EasyParcel account automatically every 4 hours

If you fail to import orders from WooCommerce to EasyParcel, kindly go Woocommerce backend – WooCommerce dashboard – Setting – Advanced – legacy REST API – “TICK” Enable the legacy REST API.

WooCommerce Integration (8)

Step 3: To forward your order to payment, select your desired order or all order using the check box given.”Do key in your “collection date” and you may choose to “drop off your parcel at Pgeon point instead of to be picked up by the courier”.

WooCommerce Integration (9)

Step 4: Click “Merge Orders” to merge your order if the orders have the same address and you will be directed to payment process.

WooCommerce Integration (10)OR

Step 5: Click “Add to Cart” and you will be directed to payment process.

WooCommerce Integration (11)

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