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Setting Up Integration

Step 1: Click “Integrations”.

HouseGuru integration (1)Step 2: Click “Add New Store”

HouseGuru integration (2)Step 3: Choose “HouseGuru”.Step 4: “Fill Up Details” and click “Submit” and your integration is completed. Remember to copy the “Integration ID”. (Integration ID will be pasted on HouseGuru end)HouseGuru integration (3)Step 5: Click “Your Stores” and make sure your HouseGuru is “Activated”.

HouseGuru integration (5)

You might notice that there is no tutorial guide on how to use it. That’s because once your customer in HousGuru place an order, the order will be process by EasyParcel automatically and returned back to HouseGuru where you will be able to view the consignment noted and print it. Speedy isn’t it? You can learn how to setup the integration at HouseGuru after obtaining the Integration ID:-

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