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How do I determine the weight of my parcel?

What are volumetric weight and actual weight?

Volumetric weight is determined by the overall size and dimensions of your parcel. It can be calculated by multiplying its length, width and height. Then, divide it by 5000. While the actual weight is referred to as the weight of the parcel in kilograms (kg),

How do I determine the weight of my parcel?

There are two methods you can implement to determine your parcel's weight. The first method is to use volumetric weight calculations. Get a measuring tape, measure your parcel's dimensions (length, width & height) and divide it by 5000. You can also use the volumetric calculator to ease your process.

The second method is that you can weigh your parcel on a weighing scale and note down the weight that it shows. To determine which weight to declare for your parcel, you just need to choose whichever is higher. 

What is chargeable weight and how is it calculated?

The chargeable weight is the weight at which the couriers put a shipping rate on it. Couriers will compare the actual weight of a parcel with its volumetric weight and choose whichever is higher between the two. 

For example: 

Your parcel actual weight is 5kg

Parcel dimension is
L: 30cm

W: 30cm

H: 40cm

Divisor: 5000

Volumetric weight calculation: (30 x 30 x 40) / 5000

Volumetric weight: 7.2kg

Thus, the chargeable weight is 7.2kg.

Why do couriers use volumetric weight?

Other than actual weight, couriers also use volumetric weight because even when the actual weight is low, and the volumetric weight is higher, the volumetric weight will cause more space or bigger transportation to deliver the parcel. A bigger transportation will usually require an extra shipping fare; that is why a courier will determine the shipping rate based on whichever weight is higher.

Do all couriers use volumetric weight?

A lot of our courier partners use volumetric weight. But there are a few that do not use it, but they apply other restrictions, such as the maximum parcel dimension, and if the parcel exceeds the dimension, they will calculate the chargeable weight.

Why is it important to provide accurate weight and dimensions?

By now, it is clear that knowing both weights for your parcel is really important. It is also important to declare your parcel's weight on Air Waybill or consignment note to get an accurate shipping fee. The downside of not declaring correctly may be higher fees to pay for the chargeable weight, parcels delayed at customs clearance, and penalty fees for the wrong declaration.

You may also see how to avoid wrongly declared parcel weight to avoid these downsides.

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