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What is item category and parcel content?

What is Parcel Content?

Parcel content is the details of the item in your parcel. This is important to clarify as it will speed up the delivery process, avoid delays during customs clearance, and avoid possible injury and monetary costs should the item be listed under the prohibited list. Learn more about the "Prohibited Item" list to understand it further.

How to choose the item category for my parcel?

Should your item value is higher than the basic coverage offered by the courier partner you've chosen, you may opt for EasyCover protection. This will require you to specify your item category. Here's how:

Step 1: Describe your item type, material and even brand in the parcel details space, enter your item value, then click "Next"

Step 2: In the EasyCover drop down, choose the item category that your item falls into.

For example, Universal Traveler Hard Case Luggage | Category: Bags & Luggages

Yonex Badminton Racket Set | Category: Sports & Leisure

Russel Taylor 1.8L Pressure Cooker | Category: Home Appliance

How to describe the parcel content?

You can describe the contents of your parcel with a few details, such as the type of the item, the brand of the item and the material of the item. For example, instead of writing "Cap", you can further explain the brand or material, such as "Nike Cotton Basketball Cap".

Note: There may be additional customs charges for certain countries due to extended processing times for invalid or unclear parcel categories and content declared.

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