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How do I activate UPS add-on services?

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

Carbon Neutral Shipping is an add-on service from UPS whereby senders can offset their impact towards the climate when their package is being delivered.
How does UPS do it?

  • They will invest in projects such as planting trees or renewable energy initiatives to offset the carbon dioxide released into the environment from shipping your package.

So, even if your package gets delivered, UPS will work to make sure that the environment doesn't suffer as much!

What is Direct Delivery Only?

Direct Delivery Only is an add-on service from UPS whereby the package will only be delivered straight to the intended recipient without any changes or stops along the way. The shipments are only delivered to the address stated on the shipping label and may not be rerouted, redirected or delivered to an alternative address.

What is Saturday Delivery Indicator?

Saturday Delivery Indicator is an add-on service from UPS whereby if the option is selected, your shipment will be delivered on a Saturday. This will be where it will be like having an extra day available for receiving your package, even if it's the weekend.

So, if you need something urgently and want it delivered on a Saturday instead of waiting until the next weekday, choosing this option lets UPS know to make that happen for you.

What is the difference between signature and adult signature required for UPS shipping?

Both add-on services will require the UPS service provider to request for the receivers signature before releasing the shipment. However, for 'Adult Signature Required' service, UPS will only release the shipment to an adult (a person of at least 21 years old) and may request for a government-issued identification for age verification.

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