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WooCommerce (Plugin Verson)

Step 1: Click “Integrations”.

Step 2: Click “Add New Store”.

Step 3: Choose “WooCommerce”.

Step 4: Fill Up Details.

Step 5:  Fill up the details and Download the Plugin.zip file and place it to your e-commerce file manager. 

Step 6: “Fill Up Details” and click “Submit” and your integration is completed.Step 7: Click “Your Stores” and make sure your WooCommerce is “Activated”.

Step 8: Login to your WordPress > Plugins > Add New .

Step 9: Click on Upload Plugin > Choose File and upload EasyParcel Plugin.zip file you’ve downloaded just now.

Step 10: Next to activate the plugin, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins > Activate EasyParcel Shipping Extension Plugin.

Step 11: Click on WooCommerce > Settings> Shipping> EasyParcel Shipping.

Step 12: Tick in a box to activate EasyParcel shipping method and fill in the details below.

Step 13: Click on Shipping Zones > Add Shipping Zone.

Step 14: Fill in the details and click on “Add Shipping Method”.

Step 15: Select “EasyParcel Shipping” and click on “Add Shipping Method”.

Step 16: Make sure your EasyParcel Shipping is “Activated” and click on “Save Changes”.

Step 17: Click on EasyParcel Courier Setting > Add Courier Setting.

Step 18: Fill in the details and click on “Add Courier Service”.

Step 19:  Set up your courier setting and your customer can see the shipping method and the shipping fee directly at the “CheckOut” page.

Step 20: Choose your preferred courier to display on your checkout page.

Step 21: Set up your Shipping rate

Step 22: Set up free shipping if the order amount is same as or higher than the amount set. (optional)

Step 23: Set up the courier service that you prefer and click “Save Changes”. The plugin is activated and your user may now see courier options on check out page.

Step 24: Preview courier options on checkout page.

How to fulfill order

Step 1: Click on order details

Step 2: Click on ” Fulfill Order”

Step 3: After Fulfillment, you’re able to download AWB directly and the tracking page.

Step 4: Order status auto change to “completed” status.

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