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What should I do if my parcel is lost?

What should I do if my parcel is lost?

In most cases, a "lost" parcel is due to a missed scan on the tracking system or an improperly attached air waybill (AWB) by the sender, causing the AWB to be lost during transit. 

To assist in relocating your parcel promptly, please follow these steps to reach our support team: 

  1. Report the Issue: If your parcel has not been delivered within 14 days of collection, report the issue to our support team. 
  2. File a Claim: You can file a claim for your lost parcel in your EasyParcel account between the 15th and 25th day from the pick-up date. Our support team will then contact the courier to investigate the parcel's status and initiate the process of locating it. 
  3. Insurance Protection: If you have opted for insurance protection, our team will also address the potential issue accordingly.

Important Notes

  1. Claim Processing Time: Processing times for claims may vary depending on the courier company. On average, most claims are processed within 2–4 weeks. 
  2. Service Excellence: While our courier partners strive to ensure safe delivery, we acknowledge that there are rare instances where shipments might get lost. At EasyParcel, we are committed to providing a satisfactory resolution in such cases. 

How can I report a parcel that is lost in transit?

Solution 1 (Recommended)

Step 1: Head over to “Manage Parcel” then click on “All Parcel“.

Step 2: Click on the 3 lines icon and select “Report”.

Step 3: Select “Lost in Transit” from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Provide the documents needed, such as item invoice, photo of the parcel content when sent out and external parcel packaging photo. After all the documents are uploaded, click on the “Okay” button. 

Step 5: Your report has been submitted to our support team and you can track the parcel report status by clicking on Support > Customer Support > "Claim Details".

Solution 2

Step 1: Visit our Contact Us website at https://app.easyparcel.com/my/en/contact-us/

Step 2: After entering the website, click on Shipment Enquiry.Step 3: Next, select whether your parcel is a domestic or international shipment.
Step 4: A list of options will appear prior to selecting your parcels shipment type. From there, select 'Parcel Lost'.

Step 5: Fill up the necessary details required in the section below. Once submitted, our customer support team will approach you accordingly via your ticket ID where it can be found in your email.

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