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Why is my parcel delayed?

Parcel delays can be frustrating, but understanding the common reasons can help you address them effectively. Here are some potential reasons for delays and how EasyParcel can assist:

Common Reasons For Parcel Delays

High Volume Periods: During peak seasons such as holidays, couriers handle a significantly higher volume of parcels, which can cause delays. 

Weather Conditions: Adverse weather, such as storms or floods, can disrupt courier routes and schedules. 

Customs Clearance: International shipments may be delayed at customs due to documentation issues or random checks.

Missed Pick Up: If the courier couldn't collect your parcel as scheduled, it might be delayed until the next available pick-up time. 

Incorrect or Incomplete Address: Ensure that all shipping details are accurate to avoid misdelivery and delays.

What to do when my parcel is delayed

Check Tracking Information: Visit the EasyTrack page and enter your tracking number to see the latest updates. For On-Demand parcel, you can track the real-live progress.

Contact Support: If there's no update for an extended period, reach out to our support team via the contact form, where our dedicated team will help to resolve the issue. Learn when and how you can report the parcel delay.

Verify Shipping Details: Ensure that the address and recipient information are correct. 

Notifications: Stay updated with email notifications about your parcel's status, including any delays.

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