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How to integrate my store with EasyParcel?

What is the purpose of integration kit?

This integration kit is for those who have online store and intend to use EasyParcel as a shipping method. EasyParcel can automatically grab orders from your ecommerce store platform and import it directly to your EasyParcel account.

Which e-commerce store platform is compatible with EasyParcel?

EasyStore, CubeCart, ZenCart, OSCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Squarelet, OpenCart, Shopify, SiteGiant and many more to come. You may refer HERE for more info.

How to integrate my store with EasyParcel?

Click on “Integrations” tab on your dashboard. You will see the “Add New Store” button. View step-by-step tutorial HERE.

Which weight unit should I choose?

It depends on which unit you use in your own e-commerce store. (Eg, kilogram, gram, pound, stone)

How to delete or edit my integration?

You can just click on “Remove” or “Edit” button from "Your Store" page.

*** But if you change the platform or weight unit, you need to redownload the EasyParcel EPI file again.

What is auto import, can I disable it?

The use of auto import is to automatically import new orders from your store to EasyParcel in every 4 hours. You can disable it by choosing the “No” option on "Your Store" page.

What is EPI?

EPI ( EasyParcel Integration file) is a filename that can be downloaded from EasyParcel integration site and to be uploaded to your own server.

What should I fill in at the EPI URL column?

EPI URL is the url of your store where you placed the EasyParcel EPI file in your server.

Where can I get the integration ID?

Integration ID will be generated automatically by EasyParcel after you fill up the shop name, platform and weight unit.

Where can I view the orders made in my store?

Click on the“Integrations” -> “Orders Imported” on your dashboard. The orders will be shown in a table format.

I have imported all the orders, what should I do next?

You can now select the collection date and choose to have your parcel collected by courier riders or drop off to the nearest Pgeon points. After this, you may then send the orders for delivery bookings or merge your order if the orders have the same address and you will be directed to the payment process.

Is there any weight limitation for the integration?

Yes. Each type of user group has their own weight limit. Maximum weight limit for basic user is only 60kg.

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