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How to send parcel via Bulk Express?

New to EasyParcel’s new feature - Bulk Express? Fret not, as we'll guide you to make a complete parcel delivery order using EasyParcel, so you can book a domestic parcel order via Bulk Express hassle-free in the comfort of your home at an affordable rate without leaving anything behind.

Step 1: Click on "Send Parcel" at your Dashboard sidebar, then select "Bulk Express"

Step 2: To import orders, you are required to use the ready made bulk template prepared by EasyParcel. Click "Download Bulk Template"

Step 3: Once you are done filling up the bulk template,  upload your order by clicking "Import Order".

Scroll all the way down and you’ll see the uploaded orders and its details such as “file name”, “upload time”, “collection date”, “status”, “progress” and “total delivery charges." To view each of the parcels’ details, click the “” icon.

Step 4: Once the status indicates "Ready", you may proceed to checkout. Click the "icon" and choose "Checkout" to perform checkout. You may refer here for other status meanings.

After the order is made, the webpage will bring you back to the Bulk Express page. Scroll all the way down. Once the status indicates “Complete”, you may click the “” icon and select “Download AWB” to download the Air Waybills.

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