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What are the types of delivery services supported by UPS?

What is UPS Worldwide Expedited?

UPS Worldwide Expedited would be the suggested service for senders who would like to internationally ship their shipments at a reasonably fast delivery time but without the urgency or extra cost of express shipping. This option will be good for when you want your package to arrive fairly quickly but don't need it super urgently.

What is UPS Worldwide Express?

UPS Worldwide Express is a form of fast lane for international shipping. This is when customers would like their packages to reach the receivers destination as soon as possible within a guaranteed time frame. This service is highly suggestable when time is critical.

What is UPS Saver?

UPS Saver service is where parcels are delivered quicker than standard shipping but is not as fast express options. Customers will be able to opt for a faster route without having to pay for the premium of immediate delivery. The Saver service will act as a balance between speed and cost-effectiveness for international shipments.

Did you know?

UPS not only has various services available such as the above, it also offers various add-on services that could make the entire delivery experience better! You can view the add-on services available here.

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