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As part of our continued effort to make you enjoy peace of mind when having parcel delivery via EasyParcel, we are happy to announce the launch of the EasyCover!

For only 2%-5% of your parcel value, this new protection plan will ensure your shipment is secured from lost with a maximum of RM10,000 coverage. This include Pgeon, DHL eCommerce, Aramex Domestic and Skynet!

This is exclusively designed for those of you who are always a great supporter of the listed courier above throughout the parcel delivery journey. Don’t wait, find out how we can secure your parcel with EasyCover:-

Payment for EasyCover

2% of your parcel value

**For example, if your parcel value is RM1000, then you will need to opt-in EasyCover with a payment of RM20 only.

5% of your parcel value for DHL eCommerce, Aramex Domestic and Skynet

**For example, if your parcel value is RM1000, then you will need to opt-in EasyCover with a payment of RM50 only.

Maximum Coverage
Up to RM10,000 per parcel
Couriers That Available For EasyCover

Pgeon Prime, Pgeon Delivery, Pgeon Paperless

** Valid for door to door, door to point, point to door or point to point delivery within Peninsular Malaysia only

DHL eCommerce, Aramex & Skynet 

** Valid for door to door delivery within Peninsular Malaysia only

Report Time Frame
Within 15th until 25th day since the collection date
Required Documents Upon EasyCover Claim

1. Sales/purchase invoice that must be included:

  • Proof of value (item’s value)
  • Parcel content (item’s description)

2. Photo of parcel content and parcel packaging

3. Police report for parcel value RM1000 or above (upon request)

**Failure to provide required documents accurately will result in the claim being declined. We at EasyParcel reserved the right to request a police report as support evidence for your EasyCover claim submission. Applicable for any parcel value more than RM1000 or non-first timer with parcel value less than RM1000.

Items which are excluded from EasyCover coverage
Original and/or official documents such as Identity Card, Passport, License, Bank Draft, Bank Cheque, Money Order, Stamp, paperwork, photo, document, certificate, voucher and etc.
**For more info, please refer HERE (Clause 6.0 and 7.0)

How To Purchase EasyCover?

Step 1: Quote and book for Pgeon Prime / Pgeon Delivery / Pgeon Paperless / DHL eCommerce / Aramex Domestic or Skynet for a delivery route within Peninsular Malaysia as usual. 

Step 2: At the "Fill in parcel details" section, key in your parcel content and its value.

Step 3: If the parcel value is bigger than RM200 then you'll able to see the EasyCover option for you to turn on with only 2% - 5% charges of the parcel value (depending on which courier service you opt for).

Step 4: Check out the shipment from your cart, that's it! 

Bear in mind that, you'll need to file a claim for your lost parcel within the 15th-25th day since the pick-up date. Come on, click HERE to learn about the magical steps to file a claim online!

For the terms and conditions of EasyCover, click HERE to read more.

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