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What is EasyCover Insurance on EasyParcel?

As part of our continued effort to make you enjoy peace of mind when having parcel delivery via EasyParcel, we are happy to announce the upgraded version of EasyCover!

For only 2%-2.5% of your parcel value, this new protection plan will ensure your shipment is secured from lost with a maximum of RM10,000 coverage. This include Pgeon, Pos Laju, J&T Express, DHL eCommerce, Aramex Domestic, Skynet, ABX Express, UTS Logistic, Flash Express and Pickupp!

This is exclusively designed for those of you who are always a great supporter of the listed courier above throughout the parcel delivery journey. EasyCover option is available to add on through single parcel or bulk parcel booking in just a few clicks!

Don’t wait, find out how we can secure your parcel with EasyCover:-

Payment for EasyCover

2% of your parcel value for Pgeon

**For example, if your parcel value is RM1000, then you will need to opt-in EasyCover with a payment of RM20 only.

2.5% of your parcel value for Pos Laju, J&T Express, DHL eCommerce, Aramex Domestic, Skynet, ABX Express, UTS Logistics, Flash Express and Pickupp

**For example, if your parcel value is RM1000, then you will need to opt-in EasyCover with a payment of RM25 only.

Maximum Coverage
Up to RM10,000 per parcel
Couriers That Are Available For EasyCover

Pgeon Prime, Pgeon Delivery, Pgeon Paperless

** Valid for door to door, door to point, point to door or point to point delivery within Malaysia only

Pos Laju, J&T Express, DHL eCommerce, Aramex Domestic, Skynet, ABX Express, UTS Logistics, Flash Express and Pickupp 

** Valid for door to door delivery within Malaysia only

Report Time Frame
Within 15th until 25th day since the collection date
Required Documents Upon EasyCover Claim

1. Sales/purchase invoice that must be included:

  • Proof of value (item’s value)
  • Parcel content (item’s description)

2. Photo of parcel content and parcel packaging

3. Police report of the lost parcel that is covered by EasyCover (Only applicable for parcel that is lost due to theft)
**Failure to provide required documents accurately will result in the claim being declined. We at EasyParcel reserve the right to request a police report as support evidence for your EasyCover claim submission. Applicable for any parcel no matter its value. 

Items which are excluded from EasyCover coverage

For the complete list of new excluded items, please refer to New Exclusion List below.

**No refund on EasyCover charges will be given if you proceed with purchase of EasyCover on any excluded item. For more info, please refer to our EasyCover T&C.

Items NOT Covered By EasyCover! New Exclusion List*

Coverage via EasyCover is NOT applicable for the following items, including:

  • accounts / bills / money / coin / cash / currency / deeds / any monetary
  • instruments
  • aerosol
  • alcoholic beverages / beers / wines / liquors
  • antiques / works of arts / paintings
  • any product related to illegal activities or which is prohibited by law
  • articles of unusual value
  • biological samples
  • chainsaw
  • counterfeit / pirated goods and materials
  • cyanides or precipitates
  • dangerous / flammable / hazardous / explosive cargoes
  • debit card / credit card
  • drugs (including prescription)
  • dry ice
  • engines
  • fire arms and weapons (real or fake)
  • fire extinguisher
  • firecrackers
  • furs / skins / animal parts / animal antiquities
  • gaming items such as gambling devices / lottery tickets / poker chips
  • gold / precious stone / bullion / silver / silverstone / precious metal/ jewelleries
  • hazardous goods / toxic powder
  • knives
  • lighter
  • livestocks / bloodstocks / aquaculture/ birds
  • narcotics
  • oil
  • original and/or official documents e.g. Identity card, passport, license, bank draft, bank cheque, money order, stamp, paperwork, photo, document, certificate, voucher, etc.
  • perishable goods / foods
  • perishable items / live or fresh plants / frozen or refrigerated items that require refrigeration
  • plant and agricultural products
  • pornography / offensive materials / sexual explicit content
  • religious items
  • seat belt tensioner
  • security papers and valuable papers / bonds / vouchers / coupons
  • sinks
  • stamps
  • tactical equipment
  • tobacco/ cigarettes / cigars / vapes

**No refund on EasyCover charges will be given nor will claims submissions be entertained should you purchase EasyCover onto any of the excluded items.

How To Purchase EasyCover Via Single Parcel?

Step 1: Head over to Single Parcel, key in postcode & parcel weight to book for your favourite courier.
Step 2: Key in your parcel details and turn on “Yes, fully protect my parcel from loss for RMXX” *.
Step 3: Proceed to payment as usual.

How To Purchase EasyCover Via Bulk Parcel?

Step 1: Import your orders from Bulk Parcel or integrations to Cart Page.
Step 2: Select the shipment you want to be protected by EasyCover and hit Bulk Edit.
Step 3: Select ‘Yes’ to activate EasyCover, then click ‘Save’ and proceed to make payment as usual. 

*If your parcel value is bigger than the basic coverage offered by courier, you’ll be able to see the EasyCover option. To check basic coverage given by the courier, please refer HERE (Clause 6.0) 

Bear in mind that you'll need to file a claim for your lost parcel within the 15th-25th day since the pick-up date. Click HERE to learn about the magical steps to file a claim online!

For the terms and conditions of EasyCover, click HERE to read more.

What is EasyCover Insurance?

EasyCover is a parcel insurance by EasyParcel that provides protection from loss up to a maximum of RM10,000 coverage at only 2%-2.5% of your parcel value.

Which couriers are available for EasyCover?

Courier partners that are available for this protection plan include Pgeon, Pos Laju, J&T Express, DHL eCommerce, Aramex Domestic, Skynet, ABX Express, UTS Logistics, Flash Express, Pickupp and J&T Cargo. Deliveries are applicable for destinations within Malaysia only.

How do I enable EasyCover for multiple shipments/bulk orders?

Step 1: Import your shipment orders using the bulk parcel template or integrations.

Step 2: After importing your shipment orders, you'll be directed to the 'My Cart' page.

Step 3: Select the shipments you want to be protected by EasyCover and hit 'Bulk Edit'.

Step 4: Select EasyCover from the dropdown, choose your item's category, agree to the terms & conditions, and hit 'Save'.

Step 5: Done! Proceed to checkout as usual.

For more information on EasyCover, click here.

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